A downloadable game for Windows

A game about cave men and aliens? I guess. And robots. Alien robots.

Control the cavemen by moving the mouse and clicking. Clicking enemies will target them for attack. Clicking the ground will tell them to hold position on that spot. Right click to clear your banner.

WASD or mouse to move the camera, spacebar to interact with upgrade totems, esc to close the upgrade menu.

Probably the most complex game I've made in a Ludum Dare event, and it's still not nearly as done as I'd hoped it would be. Will probably develop this into something real in the future when I can get some help with art and better programming. Regardless, fairly happy with it.

Could probably do with a balance pass. I wouldn't recommend taking on enemies until you've bought some upgrades. Although that part's intentional.


- Make sure you buy speed (the foot icon), because A) waiting is boring and B) you'll need it to catch the floaters.

- Your movement speed caps out at 5, but it also affects your attack speed. Think of it as a soft cap.

- Buy upgraded weapons. The top rank weapon completely changes the game in your favour.

- The little guys will explode by themselves after a bit. Try not to stand too close when they do if your damage is low. Killing them won't damage you (but they have a LOT of health)


LD36-A+A.exe 14 MB